The video info box tells us this:

oboe : HyunJung(Amy) Song
2011-28-may Kumho Prodigy concert. Seoul,South Korea
She is 13 years old who live in Seoul.
She studies oboe in Yewon middle school in Seoul.
This is her first solo recital.
Please enjoy it!


I’ve had a number of students, from high school through university level play the Saint Saëns. Whenever I ask them to keep the book closed and play the beginning of each movement by memory (my way of checking to see if they even have a clue what the first note is, for one thing) they act as if I’m insane. Hah!

Saint Saëns:

… and let’s change our outfit, shall we? 😉



This young player is so musical … wow. Just … wow!

Thanks to Robin Tropper for bringing this to my attention.

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I’m so excited…after over 6 years without playing in a musical ensemble and over a year and a half without having an outlet to play at all, I will be once again playing my oboe (and maybe the English horn?) in the [name here] Band!

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Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall – Bach Gig in Dminor

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NPR, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, all those kind of frivolous things that government shouldn’t be in the business of funding with tax dollars — those should all be on the chopping block as we talk about the $14-trillion debt that we’re going to hand to our kids and our grandkids,” Palin told right-wing host Sean Hannity. “Yes, those are the type of things that for more than one reason need to be cut.”

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You know how I wrote about changing things up and not posting all my daily things here? I haven’t been able to stop.

Yes. I’m that crazy.

It would be like … I dunno … not brushing my teeth … not getting out of my hot pink robe before I teach … not making my bed … all these things (and more) I must do to be a good citizen of this dusty planet. Or something. Go figure.

Maybe next week I’ll find the strength to let things go. Or maybe it’ll be when I run OUT of YouTube videos that fit the categories.

Time will tell.

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urg oboe is so expensive D:

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…my older sister…studied…for a very short time and found out that you have to make reeds, and she thought, “That was a loser.” …she’s much smarter than me, and she suggested that maybe I should go to the next lesson. So, she gave me her instrument, her reed tools, and everything and sent me off, and I kind of liked the idea of having these knives

-William Bennett, principal oboist of San Francisco Symphony

(The last time I wrote about Bill someone wrote to tell me I was so wrong — that William Bennett was a flutist. So before that happens again let me assure you this is the oboist. There is a flutist with the same name, though.)

… or maybe not. There is no mention of the maker. You can see it here.

This is just a gentle reminder: If you are purchasing an instrument, the seller should give you a trial period. I always tell my students and parents to consult with me when purchasing an instrument. The one time a parent didn’t heed that advice a very bad oboe was purchased when they were visiting China. Yes, it was lower in price, but who cares? It really was a horrendous instrument. So be cautious. Pretty please?!

Now the instrument above could be a fantastic instrument. Or it could be awful. I’m not recommending it. I’m not NOT recommending it. Not publicly on my blog, anyway. Yes, I’m just that careful about what I write here.

But feel free to email me if you want to kNOw what I think about whether you should buy it or NOT. 😉