… or maybe not. There is no mention of the maker. You can see it here.

This is just a gentle reminder: If you are purchasing an instrument, the seller should give you a trial period. I always tell my students and parents to consult with me when purchasing an instrument. The one time a parent didn’t heed that advice a very bad oboe was purchased when they were visiting China. Yes, it was lower in price, but who cares? It really was a horrendous instrument. So be cautious. Pretty please?!

Now the instrument above could be a fantastic instrument. Or it could be awful. I’m not recommending it. I’m not NOT recommending it. Not publicly on my blog, anyway. Yes, I’m just that careful about what I write here.

But feel free to email me if you want to kNOw what I think about whether you should buy it or NOT. 😉


  1. Automatic or Semi-automatic? Does it shoot bullets too? Or do they just mean that the instrument plays itself…or only sorta plays itself?

  2. Though I play the flute, not oboe, I’m a huge fan of this blog nevertheless. This entry caught my eye particularly, because I’m planning to attend the next National Flute Association convention to investigate piccolos. One of the listed exhibitors is Musik-Josef of Japan–apparently they have been making oboes for some time and are branching out into piccolos.
    I was curious if you had heard of oboes by Josef and what their reputation might be. Feel free to contact me by e-mail if you don’t want to clog up the comments. (BTW, while looking for similar information, I found a German dealer who described various oboe models as “automatic” and “half-automatic.” No clue what that means though.)


  3. I’ve never played a Josef oboe, but I actually have heard of them and what I’ve heard has been positive rather than negative! Hope that’s good news to your ears.

    Thanks for reading the blog … it’s great to know that it’s not only the whiney reed neurotic oboists read it! 🙂 (Okay, perhaps I’m the only whiney oboist, eh?)

    Automatic and half-automatic is probably referring to the octave keys.

  4. Octave keys, huh?

    My fantasy of the dangerous EH weapon was so much more exciting for me…

  5. dk, you may continue to fantasize about the EH weapon if you’d like. I won’t tell on you.