Tim Mangan’s discussion about us performerfolk™ and reviewers continues (so far in a very polite manner, which makes me quite happy; this is how conversations — even disagreements — should take place, don’t you think?). But really now, I know there are readers here, and while many remain silent (Tim, I get VERY few comments here as well!), I know some of you could at least show up on his blog so he would get musicians’ responses. Please? Because I don’t count! 😉 (Just kidding with Tim. Really! But I’ll have you know I count VERY well; rhythm is something I have in me. I think.) Okay … done with the bad jokes … but honestly … maybe THIS will get you to go over there for a visit?:

Professional musicians don’t care two hoots (ha) about music criticism. We have yet to receive a comment from one on this post other than our old friend MarK (patty doesn’t count — she’s a blogger), despite hundreds of readers and an open invitation to do so.


  1. Yes. I feel your pain. I get many hits, but few comments. I love my readers retweets and reads, and my new “like” buttons really help, but I love a good discussion on my blog. While it happens occasionally, it could happen more often.

    And with that said, I’ve been guilty of reading your blog and not commenting! Sorry!

  2. I love it when folks comment, but I don’t crave the attention that much (although having a blog suggests I DO crave attention, yes?).

    But what I really wanted was for people to go to Tim’s blog and comment there this time, especially my musician pals. Because he says we don’t care and I just can’t believe that’s true. We are just very cautious with reviewers. They, after all, wield the power of the pen!

  3. Oh … but thank you, Tom, for your comment! And thank you even more for reading the blog on occasion! Much appreciated!

  4. Morning Patty!
    Thank you for all your posts. Yes I read and enjoy them via FB platform. I guess I am writing to let you know how much your presence is appreciated.
    Music and critics, well, all I can say is it creates a job for someone, but, they are like Art Directors, they have to say “something” it’s their job. But, they too need be responsible for their written word.


  5. Thanks for commenting, Sandra!