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This is a new Hiniker oboe. It is plexiglass, and according to Anne Krabill is available in different colors. This one is, I believe, owned by Peter Hurd.


  1. There is a rather famous clear-lucite Marigaux that has made the rounds of IDRS conventions… that plays magnificently! I love this! Makes one wonder about that 150 year old Grenadilla mystique, no?

  2. I am going to HAVE to get to an IDRS convention at some point. I never get to see these things. 🙁

  3. Very neat! My teacher plays exclusively on Hiniker oboes, and they really are great oboes. One wonders where we could find perhaps a sort clip of one being played? 🙂

  4. So far no one has said they have a clip available, but if I find one you can BET I’ll put it up! 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. This is from Peter Hurd: “The Hiniker oboe is made of clear CAST Acrylic (as opposed to “extruded” Acrylic. or the usual injection molded Acrylic.”

    Just so you know!

    I’m hearing wonderful things about this oboe, btw.

  6. I’ve seen the Marigaux at the IDRS shows. It is really weird to watch the condensed water run in the bore and sizzle and bubble around the small holes in the top joint.

  7. Man, I sure wish there were videos of these instruments, Bob! And what a great way to show students why we get water in those octave keys so easily!

  8. It is likely the Anne Krabill will end up with
    “ICE PRINCESS.” I love this oboe, I think
    (as does Anne) that this one (“Hiniker/Ferillo Modified B”) crystal oboe will be a legend.
    It has the greatest presence and projection of ANY oboe I have ever played, though it is
    positively not a soul-less “reed trumpet.”
    You can whisper through the instrument ppp and go through the entire dynamic range to fff with the greatest of ease. And it has a “core” to the sound, and a lyrical finesse.
    Impossible to tell that this cast Acrylic oboe is not a grenadilla wood oboe.
    For me, as much as I love and admire the “ICE PRINCESS,” it simply is not the oboe for me. My Hiniker Snakewood oboe is just my style.

  9. Thanks for the comment, Mr. Hurd.

    It sounds like the oboe is going to a very happy home. I do hope to try one of these in my lifetime. We’ll see! My Marigaux oboes continue to serve me well, so I’m happy, but it’s fun to try new things, to be sure.

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  11. The Marigaux Altuglass is lathed (spun-cut), the same they do for their wood instruments. I’m guessing this is different from casting or extruding which sounds to me like molding…. but my vocabulary is probably messed-up.

    Patty et. al., rendez-vous at IRDS 2012! COME-ON COOPER, PETER AND OTHERS: SOUND CLIPS! I double-dog-dare ya! 😀

  12. Patty, I will bring Ice Princess to San Francisco in August and you can try it!! Official debut is in Benaroya Hall in Seattle on Sunday.