22. June 2011 · Comments Off on Cure the Cough? · Categories: Read Online

I just read this online at On An Overgrown Path:

Could the following information help eliminate the maddening problem of serial coughers during concerts? In the recovery period immediately after stomach surgery coughing is exceedingly painful and possibly dangerous. During my recent stay in hospital a helpful nurse told me that coughs can be suppressed by gently pinching the windpipe at the base of the neck. I can confirm it works, apparently because it derails the small spasms in the windpipe that cause the cough. Surely worth including in concert programmes? Now perhaps someone can tell us how to pinch a mobile phone’s windpipe?

Wow … next time I have to cough I’m going to try that. It’s especially frustrating when I’m on stage and trying to play, but of course if I’m playing someone ELSE would have to reach over and pinch my windpipe! Hmm. Wonder what the audience would think about that.

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