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Public Domain Portrait by Balthasar Denner from Wikimedia Commons

I wrote like the devil in those days, and chiefly for the oboe, which was my favorite instrument.


(A Handel fan brought the composer some of Handel’s own works, written when he was ten, and Handel’s response was the above. Or so they say.)

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Who knew?! Yep … the oboe is now a pet:

It’s time for me to move on to a new forever home. I’ve lived comfortably in a house with children and dogs before. I don’t mind being carried and love to sit in laps. I’m very easygoing and affectionate, I love everyone and I’m sure you’ll love me too.

If you’re interested in adopting Oboe, ….



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Remember that thing I played in college? The oboe? Well, Nicki’s very excited about a free oboe concert this Sunday at United Methodist church at 4:30pm and we’re going if anyone wants to join. She has never heard the oboe, as mine sits in a trunk full of anxiety memories.

The Art of Fugue- Contrapunctus1

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… and it starts when we are children. Sing young? You just might sing old, too. I hope so!

Good ol’ (young) PS22! I do believe they love their teacher … it sure looks that way!

So sing along if you know the tunes … you might smile!

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I hasten to add I like the oboe, but not in industrial quantities. It felt like they were drowning JFK in a vat of liquid marzipan.