25. June 2011 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

Here … have a rose!

But really, this blog is awfully boring. Okay … maybe not entirely boring … but it really LOOKS boring.

I love “plain”. I love “simple”.

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because I’m plain and simple, eh? Okay, okay, I’m joking! Those of you who say I’m too self-deprecating please know I’m just being my witty little self, okay?

But this blog looks very boring. I suppose I need to either jazz it up with a template that has some color, or I need to start being better about posting a photo or something when I put up entries. At least then you’d get some color without my having to redo everything. By the way, the blog also looks different — and even more boring! — on Safari than it does on both Chrome and Firefox. (I don’t know how it looks on IE since I can’t use that here.)

But does the rose photo help? Perhaps I’ll post a photo of something (maybe I’ll even be smart enough to post a photo of something that relates to whatever I’m writing about!) to add to the look. I was noticing that another blogger always puts up a photo with his entries. And he’s an award winning sort. So I’m going to follow his example.

Unless I go back to being lazy.


  1. Your blog is fine. It is clean and elegant. One can go waaaay too far with lots of color, fonts and background patterns, which is a definite turn-off rather than an attraction.

    You might try a picture at the top as a background to your blog name, and perhaps introduce one more color for some of the text. But the basic layout is good!

  2. Oh I don’t want the busy look for sure, Cameron! I mostly just realized that when I looked at this on my iPad, using an plugin called Onswipe it was especially plain. I don’t know how to put a photo at the top, but I might see if I can figure that out (I think I can, I think I can!). As to text color … hmm … I can do that, but I actually do like the text black for the most part. (One reader finds it difficult to read, saying it’s gray, though … how do you see it there?)

    Can you tell me which browser you use, and what kind of computer you’re on? I’m curious how things appear out there in the woods! :-)

  3. I use Firefox 5 on a Macbook. Your text appears black with a hint of gray on my screen.

    As for an extra color, perhaps it could be in some of your headers or links, not text — which should probably remain black.