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Get you dear child oboe lessons!

I just read this online (ignore the spelling, grammar and missing word issues, as I’m sure this must be a younger student!):

Oboe questions!?!?! please answer!!!!?
i just an oboe 3 days ago and my mom said no private lessons for a while until i know a little bit, b/c there is nobody that offerss completbegin erer so i need to know notes and stuff. ok so here are my ????s

1. what notes should i learn first? i know G,A,B,C. i learned them from youtube.
2. i having a problem with my breathing control. when i play 1 note it sounds like i am playing 2 b/c my pitch is wrong.
3. i play the clarinet and i am 1st chair. and de desided to swich to oboe and sometimes when i play my top lip doesn’t want to stay curled under and it makes a weird sound. i stopped playing my clarinet but i do plan to go back after i get mexperienceance. is there anything else i can do to stop this?
4. what is a good brand of reeds? i am a total beginner so i know i need soft soft or mediumediem bdon’t dont know any good brands.
5. just wondering, how often do you break reeds?

thank you so much for taking the time to read this! no rude comments. constuctive critisium only.

Oh Mom, and all parents, please please please (get it? I’m begging!) get your beginning oboist lessons. The bad habits and incorrect fingerings we oboe instructors have to correct are so darn frustrating and take a long time to correct. A good teacher is essential. Really.

Answer the child here.

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