11. July 2011 · Comments Off on Nothing’s Up To Date On Oboeinsight · Categories: Ramble

Sorry, all, but I’m just neglecting a few things here and I think I need to admit I can’t keep up! I’m debating simply pulling down some pages, since I haven’t updated them in so long, but I hate to just drop ’em completely. But still, please know all those lists I compiled years ago which you can see in the pull down menus above (Or just see Dated Material and Double Reed Musicians are full of errors.

I do want to draw your attention to the Musical Chairs’ page that lists oboe and English horn job openings. They list auditions all around the world. Well worth a look. Of course if you are in the AFM you can look there as well. I will soon, I believe, pull down the current audition page completely. I’ll leave up the past audition list because it is somewhat informative regarding rep that’s been asked for. From now on I’ll just announce auditions on the main blog page and leave it at that.

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