My senior year of high school, I’m currently a junior in college so I have improved will defiantly play all three movements again the next time I record….

I’m not always defiant, but I can understand that behavior when doing recordings. They bring out the rebel in so many of us.


  1. patti with an i

    Lately I’ve seen large numbers of people spelling “definitely” as “definately”, which is easy to finger-stumble into “defiantly,” I guess… but I’m sure many are just using the wrong word too. I’m not always defiant either, but it’s occasionally an absolute necessity! Definitely.

  2. I see “definately” a lot too, patti with an i. I know that many think it’s spelled that way due to how it sounds. I’ve always run across defiantly a few times. This one just cracked me up! (As if I wasn’t already cracked!)

    Dan says he gets “defiantly” a lot in concert reviews. Gotta love those students who will “defiantly attend another classical music concert”!