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I don’t get a ton of perks (aside from meeting some great people here) via my blog. I have yet to put up a paypal button to get you all to send me money, as some bloggers do. I am uncomfortable with that, although this blog eats up more time that you can imagine. (Perhaps some day I’ll even change my mind and have a “Pay Me! Pay Me!” button. You never know. But no, that’s not why I do this, and it might even take the fun away!) But I do get some BlogPerks™. A few have recently come my way, and I really need to start blogging about these.

I’ve received a few books. I’m currently reading one about Mozart and the myths we all believe to be true called Mozart: An Introduction to the Music, the Man, and the Myths by Roye E. Wates. I’m finding it very easy reading: it’s mainly geared toward those who don’t really know Mozart’s music. But I’m learning things and I am enjoying it, even while I know a bit more than those who don’t know much about classical music.

I also received this invitation the other day:

Hello Patricia,

We would like to invite you and a guest to “Live From Jerusalem” with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Zubin Mehta featuring soloists Renee Fleming and Joseph Calleja on Thursday, July 28th at 7:00 pm at a theater near you. Please check the link to see which theater is closest and let me know.

We look forward to having you share this special evening!

“Live From Jerusalem” (but not so live here of course) is something I’m going to go to unless this ear of mine gets worse today (it’s aching at the moment but I think a latté should fix it right up, don’t you?). I have two tickets, but I’m guessing I’ll be going alone. I’m okay with that, as I enjoy things like this on my own. (But if anyone local is dying to go I do have an extra ticket … IF they are really there! The email I received confirming my ticket made it sound as if there could be issues when I get there. Hmm.)

And THEN … this is a bit bigger of a perk … K.Ge Reeds has a new reed making machine and while they didn’t send me that very expensive $3,300 tool for free, they DID send me nine reeds that were made on it.

Wow. That’s a lot of reeds! It appears they used two different reed styles (thicknesses, anyway, as they look much alike), so I’ll try both and see what I think. I did a very brief check of one of each and found one nearly playable out of the vial (they have these nifty vials they send the reeds in too … I wish all reed makers used these!) …

… and the other in need of some scraping. However I haven’t spent enough time with them to be fair to the company, and I’m waiting for my Marigaux to come home since I make my reeds to work on that instrument more than my backup oboe. Still, while I have the Bulgheroni and Loree Royal here I’ll give them a go on those two instruments too.

Speaking of instruments … hmmm … maybe some oboe company would like to supply THAT perk? Marigaux would be my first choice, of course, as I’m partial to those oboes! Don’t you think they’d be dying to have me be their MarigauxMom™ or some such thing? Still, the Loree Royal is feeling mighty nice, so perhaps Loree would like me to be their LoreeLady™. And this Bulgheroni is pretty fine too … hmmm … BulgheroniBabe™ doesn’t sound quite right for yours truly.

Okay … other oboes I’d be willing to take off a company’s hands:

… am I missing any companies that make professional level oboes? Anyone above you’d skip? (Keeping in mind this is if they’d send me a FREE oboe … ain’t gonna happen, of course, but a girl’s gotta dream.)