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I had written earlier about the Israel Chamber Orchestra playing Wagner. I was pleased to get feedback from others both here on my blog and on Google+. I appreciate that, as I do want to always be sensitive to others, and I want to always remain open to learning and understanding. (So many thanks to those who commented!)

Now I’ve found an interview with the conductor of the orchestra. Here’s a snippet:

Did you have any personal hesitation, doubts about whether to play Wagner with an Israeli orchestra?

I was satisfied with it from the beginning, but nonetheless I talked about the matter with family and friends. The most significant conversation was with my mother, whom I accompanied to Yad Vashem to clarify what had happened to her aunt. In 1942, my family was taken to a building in Vienna with many other Jews, this aunt among them, and after she was taken away, my mother never saw her again. At Yad Vashem, we found out the details: she was sent away on May 4, 1942, and killed five days later in a concentration camp near Minsk. During this visit, I talked to my mother about the concert. “Wonderful!” was her response, because in my family there is a great love of Wagner.

Nonetheless, Wagner is known for both his anti-Semitism and the use the Nazis made of him.

Must everyone who produces a masterpiece like “Guernica” or “St. Matthew’s Passion” necessarily be a good person? The answer is no. Even criminals took off their blood-stained uniforms and played the most divine music. It’s true that many composers, among them Richard Wagner, were racist and anti-Semitic, but it is possible to separate a composer’s personality from his work. Israel itself has done this. Carl Orff, who was a Nazi, is extremely popular in Israel for his “Carmina Burana,” and like him, Franz Lehar, whose operettas are not banned. And for a little irony, I am not sure that everyone calling for a ban on Wagner also boycotts Volkswagen cars or Siemens products, and Siemens, it must be remembered, had its own concentration camp.


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Received today from “Rose Magreth”:

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*Total fees for two months lessons(two hours lessons in a week)

*Your teaching location and phone number.

I want the lessons to start by August 15th.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I realize that most readers already know these are scams, but I continue to post them in case there IS someone out there who hasn’t been warned yet. In addition, some have said they knew they were scams but responded with some ridiculous fees for fun. Trouble is, they now know that there’s a real person at the address and may continue to send you junk. Don’t reply… just trash these!

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Guess settlements and agreements are in the air these days …

NEW YORK — New York City’s Metropolitan Opera and the union representing its orchestra have reached a contract agreement.

The agreement between the Met and Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians was reached early Monday. Both sides say it came a few hours after the last contract expired.


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SAN FRANCISCO (August 1, 2011)—The San Francisco Opera Association and members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 6 today jointly announced they have successfully negotiated a new three-year contract agreement effective August 1, 2011. The labor agreement provides an increase in the weekly rate of pay, and stable employment of 28 weeks a year (including paid vacation) for the 69 members of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra in exchange for contractual changes that provide the Opera Association both current savings and new flexibility in reducing expenses.

Coinciding with this new contract, Local 6’s international parent union, the American Federation of Musicians, joins San Francisco Opera in announcing the conclusion of a separate, new Integrated Media Agreement that covers the creation and distribution of audio and audio-visual media.

I read it, and more, here.

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(Another that includes oboist and English hornist, Yoram Lachish … quite a talented player!)

Apadana is composed by Vinsent Planjer and performed in Bimhuis Amsterdam for Vrije Geluiden by:
Rembrandt Frerichs – srutibox/ piano, Tony Overwater – double bass, Vinsent Planjer – tombak, Yoram Lachish – Cor Anglais (alt hobo).
The Kepera Trio and Yoram Lachish with Levantasy.

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Georg Friedrich Händel [attr.]
Concerto doppio für Fagott, Oboe, Streicher und Basso continuo in c-Moll

Petra Regel, Oboe; Sergio Azzolini, Fagott; Orchestra L’Aura Soave Cremona

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Hey, oboe reeds, can you work now please? I mean, this is getting a little ridiculous. k thanks

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Oboe Studio, the only class I look forward to.

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I should save this for my “New To Me” post on Friday, but I just can’t wait. Here’s a concerto for four clarinets. We are told the composer is Schindlermeisser. Does anyone know that name? Anyway … enjoy!

Here’s what’s written in the info section on YouTube:
L. A. B. Schindlermeisser: Concertante op. 2 per quattro clarinetti e orchestra. Orchestra Latina Philharmonia – Direttore: Francesco Belli – Clarinetti: Ivan Petruzziello, Andrea Loccia, Mario De Meo, Antonio Fraioli. Sabaudia 26 luglio 2011

Ah-hah! I searched on the composer’s name provided above and came up empty, but finally got smart (well, sort of) and searched on “concertante for four clarinets”. THAT took me to this name: Louis Alexander Balthasar Schindelmeisser.
According to Wikipedia (yes, I know it can have errors, but still ….) he was a clarinetist as well as composer. his years are 1811-1864.

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I have a few things I want to blog about, but don’t have the brain to write at the moment. I’m hoping that sometime this week I’ll manage to get my act together and write, but only time will tell. My brain is rather fried, as I work on all the bad links I have. I’m currently not even halfway through my University instructors page. I can’t believe the number of changes. The most disappointing thing is finding that some schools have dropped their double reed instructors all together.

Meanwhile, here are just a few photos from the weekend’s Symphony Silicon Valley Target Summer Pops concerts:

Saturday Evening’s concert:

Sunday’s crowd as we were warming up:

Our soloist singing Ghostbusters … costume and all (I couldn’t manage to get a good picture … I’m just not Dan!)!: