You may recognize this, even while it’s not in English. (Anyone speak this language? I’m assuming it’s Dutch?)


  1. Indeed, it is Dutch, my mother tongue (although I speak the softer Flemish accent). Nearer, my God, to Thee; translated into Dutch by a Dutch writer. I made you a translation from the Dutch back to the English (the original you can find on Wikipedia).

    Nearer, my God, to You
    You are always my wish,
    if life’s path is sometime rough,
    you come with me,
    then my soul nows peace;
    aware of your loyalty,
    I await at a happier shore,
    your sabbath’s peace.

    When in front of my face
    the ladder rises,
    that to You, Source of light,
    my soul guides.
    Then I see in the worst danger
    your holy angels,
    that You, Allblessing,
    praise while they serve You.

    And waves your parade of angels
    once upon me
    in the glowing of heaven’s sun,
    younger and free,
    then I rejoice in a higher tone
    when I come nearer to your throne;
    forever I’m am to your son
    and to you closer.

  2. I haven’t sung this song in eons, but it takes me back to my childhood!

    Thanks, Goele!

    (Update: Just rewrote my comment since you DID know the English words via Wikipedia. My brain is slow today!)