Back in January, 2006, I posted a note about a piece that was coming out that featured Kelsey’s artwork and my hands. I’ve never seen the sheet music myself. I’m curious if anyone out there every purchased it. I’m guessing not … I should have bought it!


The edition is Andel. I guess I could purchase it here
and hope that they still feature the same artwork on the front. (Having searched around a bit I see a photo of an oboe on a cover … I’m guessing they’ve redone it by now. Rats!)


  1. I know the piece! Well, I know the Sicilienne for clarinet and piano by Absil, but I’m guessing the oboe version will just be transposed, as my version also includes transposed saxophone and flute parts. If you’re interested I could scan you the piano score.

  2. Thanks for the offer. Is it still under copyright, though? I’m guessing so. If that’s the case I’ll just purchase it. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I guess so too, the man died in ’74. But I looked it up on the Andel website and it looks indeed like they changed the cover ( Too bad, the one you are showing above looks really nice, and for once different than the usual covers. You can take a look at the first page of the score too on that page.

  4. By the way, I also looked it up on CeBeDem (organisation for Belgian music) and I think that the decision of publishing the Sicilienne for oboe was made by Andel Publishing self, because there are only manuscripts for the clarinet, flute, and saxophone parts. Nice piece though. One of my students played it on a performance this year.

    I’m sorry I just rambling on. Being belgian I’m just obsessed with belgian (and dutch) music, and I love to promote it to others. 😉

  5. Oh ramble on any time, Goele! I love it! 🙂

    I wish that the site that is selling the work for oboe here would show me the cover. I’m curious if my daughter’s art work is still on it. I’m doubting it, but it would be so fun to own a copy if it really was there!

  6. Oops … didn’t see your comment about the cover changing when I replied! Yeah, I saw that cover. I was just hoping maybe the place I order from would have an older copy. Doubtful, though.