Here they are again! CookiePine! Doing a cover of the Police hit “Every Breath You Take”

Well shoot, CookiePine has been hacked. 🙁 So here’s something else for you for now:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Lady Gaga tune done by Lady Gaga! I only know her via a cappella stuff and bassoonists! 🙂


  1. Surprisingly, Lady Gaga has some talent!

  2. Wasn’t she a music student or some such thing? I thought maybe so …?

    I like the things I hear via these other groups; guess I’ll have to check her actually stuff out. Thing is, I have a really difficult time with the whole schtick. I know it’s just the pop artist thing, but it interferes with music for me. (But I’ll just shut my eyes and listen!) 🙂

    … and “Bill”, have we met? Do introduce yourself! I love hearing from readers!

  3. No, I don’t think we have met. I love your blog however! Very interesting. And yes, she was accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She dropped out after the first year though… Once you look past the ridiculous outfits, the girl can actually sing, and she writes all her own stuff. I love her acoustic performances. 🙂

  4. Glad you like the blog! Are you an oboist, then? Fill me in! 🙂

    I’ll attempt to give her a listen … I’m going to guess I can find her pretty easily on Spotify … and then I only have to use my ears, rather than my eyes!

  5. Yes I play oboe! My real name is Jonathan… I used Bill as an alias to “test the waters”. Looking back I feel really stupid about not being truthful from the beginning…I don’t really comment on blogs ever. I’m sorry. ANYWAYS. I’m going to be a freshman at The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in the fall. I plan on majoring in oboe performance!

    I’ve been playing oboe since 7th grade (switched from clarinet) needless to say it was the best decision of my life. Any advice for a college music major??

  6. I had another student who gave an alias at first as well. I can understand it … one does need to be safe! But don’t worry, you can trust me. NOW, that being said, all I had to do was a search on your email (but it appears you changed that now?). (But again don’t worry! I’m the only one who sees email addresses and I refuse to share with anyone … even my family!) But I did figure out your name. (Thus, the reason I wrote “Bill”. 🙂

    As to advice … you know these things already but … be diligent! Listen to your oboe instructor and don’t diss the person (I get that sometimes and it gets so frustrating!). You may disagree with your instructor, but while your under his or her tutelage you need to try to do things his or her way unless you get permission to do otherwise.

    I wish I had taken my education more seriously. I wish I had had a “backup plan” because becoming a professional musician doesn’t happen for everyone. (I was just in the right place at the right time.) I wish I had played more chamber music. SO many wishes!

    Anyway, so nice to meet you, Bill! Feel free to email me any time. (I began oboe right before 7th grade … from flute to oboe. One of my best decisions too … with help of mom who suggested it!) 🙂