What a COOL video! Several friends on Facebook put this up today. I’d never seen it before. Probably because it was just put up on YouTube yesterday. Nice!

Yep … 6 months (or even a shorter amount of time) and I knew oboe was “mine”.

No one in my family played oboe, though. My mom suggested I move from flute (which my sister played) to oboe when I was between 6th and 7th grade. I started oboe during music summer school. (Our school district actually had a music summer school every year on one of the high school campuses. How fantastic is that?!)

Joe Robinson’s knife technique is so much different than mine when he’s scraping the length of the reed. When he’s doing shorter scrapes it looks the same, but I’ve not seen someone take their thumb off the back of the blade before. Do you others do that?


  1. Wow! I never have seen knife work like that, either.

    “I can make a reed in 2 minutes. (And then spend several hours refining it.)”

    Yeah, I can rough out a reed quickly, too, but would never call that ‘making a reed’.

    Interesting video. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, that was something, wasn’t it, Bob? very odd.

    I just say, “I cant’ make a reed, period,” and leave it at that.