Johann Adolf Hasse (baptised 25 March 1699 in Bergedorf, Germany – 16 December 1783 in Venice) … heard of him? I hadn’t! And he wrote a Concerto in F for Chalumeau, Oboe, Bassoon, and Continuo. Wow! So here you go the work on original instruments.

Thomas Carroll, Chalumeau
Graham St-Laurent, Oboe
Kelsey Schilling, Bassoon
Masayuki Maki, Harpsichord


  1. I use to play one of Hasse’s Trio Sonatas (G Major) in a group I had with oboe, vln, & harp. It was one of my favorites. Here’s a recording:

  2. Thanks, Janet! I’m going to check that video out right now! 🙂