12. August 2011 · 2 comments · Categories: Oboe

Lee Hartman tweeted “ever play a Prestini model oboe with a thumb low-b key?”

Well, no. In fact the only thing I know about Prestini are the reed making supplies and oboe studies! So of course I had to google it immediately. You can read what Geoffrey Bridge has to say about their history here.

Lee also said he’d send me a photo or two … so here’s one. If I get more I’ll add them. Enjoy!


  1. I think the regular B key is also something else, like a C#

  2. Did you read what Geoffrey Bridge has to say about it, Cooper?

    “You may find that it has a slightly different key system to the usual called the “Prestini system”. This has a lever on the back to play the low B natural and will also most likely have both a left hand F and a left hand C# key duplicating the normal F & C# keys. This system is still used in Italy by some players today.”

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