Silly Symphony: The Ugly Duckling (1939)

Not quite the way the story went as far as I know, but oh well … cute!

I love the “conversation” between mom & dad when the (not really at all) ugly duckling appears!


  1. All for you, dk! All for YOU! 🙂 (Don’t you feel powerful? You’re the only one who said you’d miss these, so here they are!)

  2. That’s why I’m smiling!!

    Thanks for this! How could anybody NOT miss them?

  3. Oh I’ve heard from several who say, “I never even watch them.” So there’s that!

  4. If a bit of encouragement will keep them then here it is:

    These are treasures from my youth. I remember seeing many of them in the theater when I was but a little tyke, and I think the setting your blog provides is a nice balance against the more contemporary concerns of our business.

  5. I’ll attempt to keep ’em going, Bob!

    (I think you typed your URL wrong!)