Well, okay … not quite!


  1. 2 hours for a reed? I’d go insane (or broke) at that speed!

  2. Hmmm…. I wonder if I played that music while I make reeds, would the process go faster? 😉

    There was an oboe teacher in the Dallas Fort Worth area that pushed her students to make a reed in 15 min. Not sure if the timing started before or after tying.

  3. I’ve never really timed myself since I make reeds gradually. Probably takes me eons … but I don’t want to know!

    Isn’t there a university teacher that has her students make a new reed every day? Maybe Nancy Ambrose King? I can’t remember … but I know there is someone who has a student make a reed and then play on it for a lesson or some such thing. I’d be such a goner!