… or just cry a lot over bad oboe reeds.

But really … read this:

On the heels of reports that watching television or spending time on the computer can decrease your life expectancy, science has made a ground-breaking report that just one hour of reading can take as much as 59 minutes off of your life. Medical doctors at the NCBVGETVV (National Center for the Betterment of Video Game Engagement & Television Viewership) have proven staying in a seated position with a book, especially those novels whose page count totals more than 300, can cause hypertension, diabetes, chronic back problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Science worries about your children — WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?, science says. Preeminent scholars in the study suggest getting your offspring to engage in more active seated hobbies — such as playing video games or learning the oboe, which encourage children to move about in their chair, often burning calories and elevating the heart rate. If you must give your progeny a book, dignified specialists suggest at least giving them an audio book, which will keep their hands free to do other things, like the occasional push-up, or again, the oboe.

I read it here. 😉

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  1. There’s a good idea. I can listen to John Grisham read a novel while I practice Hindemith…