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Giuseppe Martucci is new to my ears. My ears are happy.

I read about him here in a rather interesting story of a recent concert with Chicago and Muti:

Instead of making his final exit after his fifth bow, Muti turned to address the audience and began telling them of a great composer about whom they’d probably never heard: one Giuseppe Martucci.

Someone in the audience tittered, and Muti said sternly, “It is nothing to laugh (at).”

Another cackle, perhaps a nervous one, came from the seats, and Muti stood there silently with a look that…well, let’s just say, you don’t want a parent or anyone else in authority looking this way at you. Tension hung in the silence. Would he take his baton and leave?

No, he wouldn’t. “He was a great composer. He was a great conductor,” Muti continued, telling of Brahms’ and Mahler’s support of him and of Toscanini and the fascists, all while the audience listened intently.

The encore went over as it should have, frosting on a rich cake, and after three more bows, the evening was done.

Notturno per orchestra, op. 70
Giuseppe Sabbatini and thh Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

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