Music, too often in history used for destructive ends, has the power to heal, to unite, even to help us reflect and understand.

I’m trying to understand the “used for destructive ends” thing … I’m sure I’m just clueless so I’m waiting on readers to help me with this. Got it?


  1. Might the author be referring to music put to use by militaries? Perhaps it’s a reference to the important role of late Romantic symphonists in Nazi demonstrations.

  2. Yes, he could be, but the “too often” makes it sound as if it’s more than that. Or maybe I’m just reading it that way. Of course, in truth, being used at ALL for destructive ends is “too often”. So there’s that!

  3. Nah. I’m sure he’s talking about playing Mozart in the 7-11 parking lot to discourage loitering.

  4. Oh right. I shoulda thunk it.