I love this … and have permission to post it so here goes:

Here’s the description:
oboe duet on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro – 8.8.2011

And thank you, Karl-Friedrich Wentzel, for allowing me to post this to the blog!


  1. My student Sebastian and I went to the peak to celebrate the end of our long work together. Now he goes to Mannheim/Germany to study with his new teacher Emmanuel Abbuehl. For me it was a big challenge and for everyone who wants to do the same: Thin reeds please and don´t scare the strange sound above 4500m altitude…

  2. Ooh… I hope they were plastic horns, it looks COLD up there! And I must say I admire having the lung capacity to play a wind instrument at that altitude!

  3. Vladimir Gurevich

    Not as high up, but closer to home and I think the view is more picturesque :)

    Playing on top of Golden Eagle in Augustin Bernal Park

  4. Thanks, Karl-Friedrich, for the information!

    (I’ve been working on old family photos and my husband’s grandmother comes from an “Abbuhl” family … I’m going to bet it was originally spelled “Abbuehl” or “Abbühl” or some such thing. Maybe EA and he are very distant relations … it’s a big world, but it could happen!)