We’ll be attending Turandot tonight. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard the entire opera. So I’m looking forward to that. I’m not terribly excited about really wide vibrato, though. Is that just me? To my ear it feels rather “old school” and I find it bothersome. Thoughts?

After last year’s opening night frustrations Dan and I agreed we were through with opening nights. The audience was noisy, rather rude, and many had had more than their fair share of alcohol. Sadly, this series was the only one that worked, so here we are again. Ah well … maybe our new seats will be in a spot where there won’t be so many rowdy folk. I can hope ….


  1. I’ve gotta agree, Patty. I think vibrato should enhance the note, not obscure the pitch.

    Or maybe it’s me that’s old fashioned. Old, anyway…

  2. The opera itself was wonderful and the vibrato didn’t bother me. Go figure! 🙂