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So, we’ve now had two performances of Idomeneo, which means we’ve also had a performance with each cast (which explains the photos I just posted that show two singers in one role in case you didn’t figure that out).

It’s gone quite well. Both audiences seemed very enthusiastic. I just love this music!

BUT (c’mon, you knew I had to have that, right?) I sure had a rough time today with one issue. There are days my eyes just won’t focus. I would hate to guess it might be due to my computer usage, but I do wonder. I’ve been doing so much work scanning and working on some photos that I suspect my eyes are angry at me. I kept hoping that over time things would improve, but they never did, and this opera is nearly 3 hours and 45 minutes! Good thing I know it well enough that blurry notes aren’t too much of an issue. Merely frustrating.

Today I have only one student. One new student! I do look forward to these first lessons. Especially when the student is totally new to oboe. I just love introducing someone to the world of oboe. No opera until tomorrow night. Guess I have time today to clean the house. Nice!

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