… and it’s from San Francisco Classical Voice. Written by Thomas Busse (a singer I’m not at all familiar with … guess I”ll have to see where he is singing and go hear him at some point), it has good things and bad things to say about the production. I got the feeling he had low expectations for anything here in my little town, but perhaps I’m just overly sensitive. That’s not uncommon for me, I know!

He begins:

It has been a while since I checked in with Opera San José. On Sunday afternoon I heard its new production of Mozart’s Idomeneo. The opera was jointly produced with the Packard Humanities Institute, and the infusion of Packard cash was evident throughout the performance. In the tech world, the greatest successes are usually those first to market. Later entrants — in this case, the still-evolving Opera San José — have to struggle to gain a foothold. Even though OSJ has grown tremendously since it moved into the lovingly restored California Theatre several years ago (also a Packard project), the company’s work has often been characterized by a community theater ethos. With this production, however, OSJ was able to shed most of that and step everything up to the level of its ambition.

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  1. Reads less like a review of the performance and more like an acknowledgment that SJO exists. It’s been a long time since the ‘community theater ethos’ reigned…