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… not of Columbus, mind you.

The video is nearly 27 minutes long, so be ready for that (unfortunately you don’t see the full picture here, so you might want to click on the link beneath it).

Watch the full episode. See more THIRTEEN Specials.

Random thoughts in my typical poorly put together way …
I love the sound of the group. Some newly put together groups may have enthusiasm but the quality is lower. Not so, from what I can tell, with this group. I love their attitude. I do want to know what the “stereotypical musician” is (was?) and how they’ve changed that image. I just have this feeling that that image isn’t even real. We have fun. We laugh. We goof off. We work very hard. True, we aren’t a democracy, though. The conductor is the boss, to be sure. We don’t vote. Go figure. So sure, there are things they do differently. But that stiff classical musician thing … I just so rarely see that. I think that image is a very false one. I’m not even sure where it came from. Movies, maybe? We’ve played at the county fair, so that’s not all that unusual. Heck, we played at the shopping mall back in the day. (But I will confess that I don’t miss the mall or the fair gigs. I’m glad those days are over for me.) But I enjoyed the video tremendously. Great fun!

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