… I do believe this is a record for the number of reviews Opera San Jose has received. The majority of reviews have been quite positive.

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Today, I’m going to play my poor, neglected oboe.

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Scales and Arpeggios The Aristocats

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If only I was as passionate about oboe as I am about photography. It would make school so much easier.

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… gee, they keep on coming!

Scot MacClelland writes this one. Check it out!

Mozart’s Idomeneo, redi Creta, as witnessed in Opera San Jose‘s opulent new production last Sunday, sheds far more light on the 24-year-old composer’s progress than this stage work might suggest at first glance. But as sheer operatic spectacle, this OSJ triumph should keep audiences buzzing for weeks.

Oh … and operagasm liked it too!

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The following is just the very end of a Mercury News article you might want to check out.

Q Will you underwrite another production for the company?
A You probably have no idea how much stress goes into producing an opera. There’s one crisis after another. I don’t rule out doing something else, but you have to think of what you can do to make a contribution.
I didn’t want to do this just to do it. I wanted to do it because I saw a way of doing a really good job of it. My motives in doing it were the real joy in seeing something like this done well, and all the people who participate in it — they love it! So I’m glad that I was in a position that I could do it. Sometimes you need to have a crazy person around to do things.
Do you know Satyajit Ray’s film, “The Music Room”? It’s about an old guy who wants to put on a really beautiful music concert. He wants to get all the best musicians. The world is collapsing around him; the modern world has caught up with him. And he wants to do one glorious gesture just to show that beauty still exists in the world, so he can go out in a burst of glory. Sometimes I feel like the crazy guy in that movie.

I’m very thankful to be doing the opera. So many many thanks, Mr. Packard!