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Lin, who studied graphic arts and now works for a printing company, has been fascinated with classical music since junior high school, but he never had the opportunity to get formal music training and satisfy his desire to play an instrument at a high level.

He taught himself to play the recorder and the flute, but that was not enough. His passion for music was only satisfied 10 years ago while he served in the military.

That was when Lin, 33, found discarded wood in his barracks and used it during his free time to carve his first mini piano sculpture. That was just the beginning.

As Lin dove into the world of mini instruments, he was surprised to find himself immersed in an immense universe, never suspecting the staggering variety of instruments that have existed since ancient times.

RTWT and look at the miniature violin … very cool! Still, I think he should make reeds. Yes?

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