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Alain Lombard won’t conduct Faust at the Paris Opera this week

French conductor Alain Lombard will not conduct the production of Gounod’s Faust at the Opera of Paris, following some artistic issues with tenor Roberto Alagna.

Roberto Alagna in the Figaro Magazine

Following rumors of tensions between the leading singer Roberto Alagna and Alain Lombard, the tenor stated: “I do not understand the reaction of the press which is currently making a fuss without knowing anything about this matter, this is almost lies and slanders …” He added “I have never shown any disrespect to Alain Lombard. I have always highly thought of him and I have accepted all of his artistic options. ”

However, the singer also added that “there seems to be a gap between his conception of Faust and the implementation of this conception.”

It is said that Alain Lombard fainted several times during the rehearsals and that his agent advised him to retire from the production. He is replaced by Alain Altinoglu for the Premiere of Faust scheduled on Thursday this week.

Alain Lombard’s reply to Roberto Alagna

Alain Lombard reacted strongly to Roberto Alagna’s interview in the Figaro Magazine. The conductor issued a letter to the opera where he states that “some rehersals were disrupted by the behavior of Mr. Alagna.” Lombard gives various examples of Alagna’s misconduct, absences and delays, that are incidentally recorded in the logbook of the Opera. Alain Lombard denounced “the disgraceful conduct, his childishness, his whims, his non-professionalism and the obvious lack of respect shown towards his fellow singers, orchestra musicians, choirs and crew.”

There is no doubt that the dispute between the leading and the returning contuctor is to be continued !

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  1. At least Alain will be conducting.