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And so it ends. Idomeneo is over. At this point in my life I play an opera like this and wonder after if I’ll ever play that particular opera again in my career. It’s sort of doubtful, really, with many operas.

I loved Idomeneo. I never grew weary of it. I never got bored. The music is incredible, really. And the choruses were glorious! I did get annoyed with myself, though. There were a few things I did that just made me angry. I hated getting water in a key during one solo … and I had even cleaned it out right before. (Dust in the top octave, maybe?) I hated that one lick I had wasn’t perfect every single time. No excuses — I just didn’t nail a particular lick and I should have. I suspect I’ll be unable to listen to myself due to that, wouldn’t you know?

Tonight there was a nice party at our dear patron’s house. I actually went. This is rare for me, being the hermit type. I love to work with my colleagues, and I love to talk with people as I’m working, but when I’m done I tend to need to be alone. When I do go to parties I tend to later rehash everything I said and did and wonder how much of a fool I made of myself. (Really … how crazy AM I?!) Still, I was so thankful for the gift of this opera that I felt it important to at least go to the party for a brief time.

So now I move on … to bass oboe. To third oboe. To principal oboe. All this week. And I have to figure out some issues with one of my other jobs that has got me a wee bit perplexed. I like order and I like to know what’s in store for me. I don’t live well with perplexed. Go figure.

Oh … and there were at least two more reviews since I posted the review roundup: Art And Entertain Me and Operatic ruminations have things to say. Check ’em out.

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