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Ms. Grimaud, who turns 42 next Monday, is a magnetic pianist known for searching interpretations and brilliant technique, and for her work away from the concert stage to save wolves. Mr. Abbado, 78, is a revered maestro who wields enormous influence in the classical music world and gives limited, highly anticipated performances. Both have overcome stomach cancer. They have performed together at least a dozen times, going back to 1995, when Mr. Abbado conducted Ms. Grimaud’s debut with the Berlin Philharmonic.

But what it took to end it all, it seems, was 1 minute 20 seconds of music, a cadenza of a mere 30 measures.


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What would Halloween be without Night On Bald Mountain?

I Cinque Elementi Wind Quintet

From the YouTube info: I Cinque Elementi wind quintet live in Château Carbonnieux à Léognan
Mussorgsky: Night on the bald montain (our new arrangement for wind quintet and piano)

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Oops … a little late today.

More of John-Luc Fillon for you.

Glenn Ferris: trombone
João Paulo: piano
Jean-Jacques Avenel: double bass
Tony Rabeson: drums
Jean-Luc “oboman” Fillon: english horn

I’m running on empty for this category. Perhaps someone wants to suggest something new for Mondays?

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I have to confess I’m leery of TedTalks for some reason. In addition, I have my issues with music being the end-all, peace inducing craft. But still, I ponder over this video and I do appreciate it ….

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Why did I try to play oboe with non-functional left arm…..

…plus a little photo I took at our Bed & Breakfast Inn which, to me, looks rather spooky!

If you think about it, the opening — as well as other parts — of this is sort of Halloweenish … at least to me!

Berlin Counterpoint playing the Poulenc sextet
Zeynep Özsuca – Piano
Aaron Dan – Flute
Yigal Kaminka – Oboe
Sacha Rattle – Clarinet
Heidi Mockert – Bassoon
Daniel Molnár – Horn

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Someone is playing classical Halloween horror night type music outside my house and its creeping me outttttt! :X

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Psalm 102

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Down to the River to Pray

In the info section:
Recording from our
Benefiz-Gospel-Concert in
MG-Rheydt (Germany, NRW)

Song: Down in the river to pray (Gospel)
Music from Alison Krauss (from the soundtrack of the movie “Down in the river”)
Choir-Arr. by Karolina Cederqvist, Joybells
Arr. 4th voice by S. Bechstein, O-towns