Eileen Huang has a meme, and asked me to join in the fun. So let’s see …

First instrument: Piano
Age at first music lesson: Eight (I think)
First piece performed in public: I don’t have a clue!
Piece most recently performed in public: Holst: The Planets
Band camp: Nope. Orchestra camp is a yes, though.
Marching band: Yes (bell lyre)
College a capella: No
Absolute pitch: No
Moveable do or fixed do: Hah! As if.
Faux pas: SO many of them! Once I wore a dress that I realized later was somewhat shear when stage lights were on. Oops.
Favorite conductor hair: Dudamel
I wish I could play: more Bach, on d’amore (but then I’d have to own one, eh?)

… so anyone else wanna join in?


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  2. OK, I’ll bite.

    First instrument: trumpet
    Age at first music lesson: 10
    First piece performed in public: probably Swing Low Sweet Chariot in jr. high chorus
    Piece most recently performed in public: Nimrod variation from Elgar Enigma variations
    Band camp: No
    Marching band: Yes (alto sax)
    College a capella: No
    Absolute pitch: No
    Moveable do or fixed do: I had to look this one up – sounds like we’re stuck with fixed do in orchestral playing!
    Faux pas: most recently, beginning a section on entirely the wrong note because I’d been mentally reviewing my upcoming passage and then was watching the conductor for the start of the next section and started playing on the note that had been in my head (hmm, movable do?). It took me a few bars of improvising to get back on track. A total senior moment, what can I say?
    Favorite conductor hair: Simon Rattle
    I wish I could play: piano

  3. Thanks for playing, dk! And hey, I didn’t know about you and trumpet!

  4. patti with an i

    me too
    first instrument, piano
    age, 8
    first piece performed in public, no clue
    most recently performed, Nimrod with y’all
    band camp, no, but Cazadero etc. for orchestra and chamber music
    marching band, no
    college a cappella, no (but my kid did!)
    absolute pitch, oh hell no
    movable/fixed do, neither. Never learned proper solfege with syllables, just did “la la la”
    faux pas, well, once in grad school I showed up to a dress rehearsal all in black because I thought it was a performance… better than the other way around!
    conductor hair, Stokowski (Kent Nagano 2nd)
    wish I could play: anything improvised, on any instrument. The thought just sends me into a total panic and I freeze.

  5. Thanks, patti with an i!

    I have my students improvise sometimes. I do what I think of as “kindergarten improvisation”. Really it’s more like making up tunes for me … I can’t do any real improvisation. But I have learned to invent tunes so if I run out of music when I’m playing for, say, a wedding, I can just makes things up. (I started doing this when I got water in a key once and KNEW I couldn’t play any of the Bs I had written … I just worked around the issue by creating something that wouldn’t include that note.) But yeah, I’m with you! I’d LOVE to really be able to do it, and do it right!

  6. I had to Google Maestro Stokowski, and his hair is indeed most impressive!