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This was in a paper on September 29, so perhaps it’s even been located by now … but I never thought about an aerodynamic oboe … mostly because I rarely think!

He said: “There are only three other oboes like it in the world. It may sound strange but my instrument is customised to the way I play, so while I will play, I’ll have to borrow one and have only a week to adjust to it.”

The oboe, constructed by specialist craftsman Yanko Petrov, who runs Sound Alchemy in Thornton Heath, has a distinctive specially-designed bell.

It was in a light brown wooden box with a silver reed box engraved with the name “Dom” inside.

Mr Kelly, 37, said: “The bell is very distinctive. The inside is dimpled like a golf ball to make it more aerodynamic and improve the air flow.”



  1. At first thought, that’s really bizarre, but to be fair, you’d need to try it against a stock bell to know.

    Maybe it’s the Next Big Thing…

  2. Yeah, that was my first reaction too. Along with “Suuuure …”. But I suppose I’d need to try it, eh?