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(I really think these should be called “Yahoo Questions”, but I guess they didn’t bother to ask me!)

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I have been playing oboe for around a year in a half (after playing clarinet and flute) and have been looking around for possible oboe reeds that will last and sound fairly good. I also came across Emerald Plastic reeds too. What works best? Any other brand ideas? Also I use around a medium, sometimes medium soft.

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Oh babe, DO NOT play on a plastic reed. It may last forever, but they sound like party favors. It’s like the difference between playing on an oboe that’s wood and one that’s plastic.

Look for Jones or Fox brand if you want to go the store bought route. Otherwise, have someone make them for you. Hand made lasts longer than store bought

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I’m always amazed that people still think about buying plastic oboe reeds. I know a very fine bassoonist that began with plastic bassoon reeds. Are those reeds better, or am I just wrong to think one should never purchase a plastic oboe reed? But then I wouldn’t recommend a Jones of Fox oboe reed either. Maybe I’m just too picky!

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  1. I do love the ‘sounds like a party favor’ comment, though. Couldn’t have said it better myself.