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No … I’m not missing an “f” above. What I’m talking about is the day of a performance.

I’m fine, for the most part, once I’m working. But the day of? Those are tough for me. I don’t want to do too much. But doing nothing means my nerves really get the best of me. Today I went for a slightly over 2 mile walk. I worked a bit on an English horn reed. I practiced a bit of oboe and ran through Michael Touchi’s Tango Barroco on English horn. I taught two students.

And I tried to nap.

The nap was a Big Fail. Everything else was fine.

And now I wait until it’s closer to call time, as I don’t want to arrive too early. Yesterday I got into the pit before nearly anyone else. I warmed up. I sat around. I warmed up some more. I sat around some more. And when we finally started the ballet I had water in a few keys. (I don’t think I forgot to swab beforehand, but my brain has been in a bit of MuddleLand™ so maybe I did.) There is absolutely no time to deal with that until my part of the second movement is finished. It is absolutely no fun to play when I know every B flat I play is going to sound crummy. Ah well … better last night at the dress than tonight, right? Tonight I’ll arrive later, not warm up quite so much, and you can bet I’ll be very careful about checking for water!

It’s really a joy to get to play Michael Touchi’s Tango Barroco with San Jose Chamber Orchestra once again. It’s been over ten years since I last performed it, I think. I’m hoping it’ll get more attention. The piece really deserved it!

So here we go … San Jose Dance Company here I come, ready or not!

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