For some reason I had a very silly mental block against one of the solos in Petrouchka (Petrushka? You choose!) yesterday. This is going to sound very silly, but it has to do with the way it was notated. It may be crazy, but there you go.

Here’s the excerpt:

For some reason I simply couldn’t manage to play the first four notes evenly. I wanted more weight, due to the accent and the way it looks(!) on the third note, which was causing me to stretch it out. Go figure. IF it had been written as four sixteenth notes, with the fourth one tied to an eighth, I think I actually would have been fine. Maybe.

But now I’ve figured it out, I think.


Well, sometimes I add lyrics to things. And this time I had the perfect ones:

“Patty’s stupid! She cannot count!”

Yep. That works.


  1. Gosh Patty, please give up the self-deprecation routine! You’re good enough, smart enough — and people LIKE you!

    That being said, I can see why you would have trouble with that notation. James & I are very focused on this kind of thing, composing & arranging for my local woodwind quintet.

  2. Ah, but the lyrics worked, Cameron! Well worth the self-deprecation if it makes me get it right!

    I have to ‘fess up, though … we were all playing around with various lyrics. I wasn’t the only one I managed to ‘diss while we were goofing off with this. 😎

  3. Oh … and one other thing … I now can’t play it the way I was playing it before (the wrong way, that is). That was so weird to realize! I can’t remember what I was doing wrong. now. Hmm.

  4. The first time I played that was in the pickup band for American Ballet Theatre.

    in rehearsal, Akira Endo saw my uncertainty about the entrance, said, “Not yet, Bob.” A few bars later, “Not yet, Bob.”, then with a cue and a smile, “Now, Bob.”

    Great piece!

  5. Heh … love that story, Bob!

    And Cameron, I have new lyrics that might make you happier: “I’m all done now! I sure want pie!” There … is that better? 😉

    (I did come home and have a slice of apple pie.)