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I really do!

Rite of Spring isn’t a work I’m all that fond of playing. It’s not that it’s a rhythmic challenge: these days those rhythms aren’t all that difficult. But I have never been comfortable on the solo English horn part. I do love me some Petrushka, though! I especially enjoyed Saturday night’s concert, since I managed to keep my keys from getting water in them. Sunday wasn’t quite so fun — I got water in a key early on and that threw me out of my comfort zone and there were just a few things that I wasn’t entirely happy with (with my playing, not with anyone else’s … it IS all about me … um … right?). But even Sunday was enjoyable. I feel as if I have my English horn “sea legs” right now. Fun times.

I DO wish I had seen this video (below) before I went into rehearsals. Not that I understand a word of what Dochnanyi is saying (well, okay, maybe I understand a word here and there!), but because it’s great to sit in on a rehearsal like that!

Oh … and a review is in. She liked it. (And kudos to some of my pals for the well-deserved mentions!)

Added Note:
I neglected to include in this post how much I enjoyed working again with Giampaolo Bisanti. Oops! I surely should have included that. I think he has excellent things to say, and I find working with him a joy. This is the second time he has worked with the symphony and I do hope he returns.

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