There is something very psychological about mass-distributed music consumption. If I buy an LP and listen to it, I think how wonderful the music is, partly because I have paid for it. If I listen to something on spotify, I think how cheap and disposable it is. This is purely psychological I think: the medium makes us de-value the musical composition.

-Jack Curtis Dubowsky

I read this on Facebook and I think he really has a good point. It’s just something to ponder for now ….

(FYI, Jack’s website is here.)


  1. Sorry, I’ve gotta disagree. Whether I listen to it on Spotify or on the radio (or live), I make a musical judgment based on my reaction to it. If I like it enough, I’ll consider buying it.

    I almost never buy something I haven’t already made that judgment about unless I like both the composer and the performer(s).

  2. Interesting, Bob. And nice to know you don’t just copy something and not pay for it!

    I understand what Jack is saying. And we can always agree to disagree. 🙂