… and I don’t know how much longer this goes on, so if you want to see the grand re-opening performance you might want to watch right now!


  1. Vladimir Gurevich

    This is really great! Just hope I won’t get fired for watching this from my workplace…

  2. Isn’t it wonderful?! Our world has become so small in some ways … I’m just amazed that we can watch something like this here in California! I doubt I’ll ever make it to The Bolshoi live and in person, so this will have to do!

  3. Vladimir Gurevich

    One thing that is really nice is all the new technical effects that they got. It really became a modern theater, because before it was so outdated, where they reused costumes and decorations from decades (if not century) ago.

  4. Sometimes I’m rather shocked at the costumes I see even here! From a distance they look okay. Close up they look mighty worn.

    I was fascinated by the technical things they were showing … I couldn’t even figure out how they were doing some things!