…plus a little photo I took at our Bed & Breakfast Inn which, to me, looks rather spooky!

If you think about it, the opening — as well as other parts — of this is sort of Halloweenish … at least to me!

Berlin Counterpoint playing the Poulenc sextet
Zeynep Özsuca – Piano
Aaron Dan – Flute
Yigal Kaminka – Oboe
Sacha Rattle – Clarinet
Heidi Mockert – Bassoon
Daniel Molnár – Horn


  1. Impressive, but that 1st movement was a bit frantic, wasn’t it?

  2. It’s a frantic movement, to be sure.

    (I do recall playing it years ago while ill with a fever. I can’t even remember playing the darn thing, I felt so awful!)