05. November 2011 · Comments Off on I Broke My Rule · Categories: Ramble

… and I’m sorry for that.

I try to remember my rule, but the other day I simply neglected it. Or forgot it. Or something. I was called on it. As I later wrote to a friend: “Whenever I do something like that my first reaction is defensive. Then a big of anger. Then it’s total guilt. Now I’m at the “maybe I shouldn’t blog” stage. Eventually I get to the, “Okay, lesson sort of learned. DON’T do that again!””

So anyway, without telling you what I wrote or why I felt so awful (and still do, to be honest … that sort of crummy stomach in knots thing is still here), I can tell you my rule. When I write I try to keep this in mind. I MUST obey the first statement and then what I write must also fit at least one of the following two statements:

Is it TRUE?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

(In all honesty, I thought I made this “rule” up myself, and later found out someone else — I believe it was someone famous but I’m not sure who it was!— has been quoted online saying this. I’ll have to find that so I can attribute this to him or her. Or maybe one of you will fill me in …?)

So this is just a reminder to myself, and an admission to my few readers, that I do try to abide by this rule. Of course I rarely find that what I write here is necessary, as it’s all a bit of a pattyramble™ … but I do prefer to be kind and never hurt or offend.

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