Check out the photo of bassoon reeds in this blog post. Amazing!

But don’t they look pretty? They just looks so artistic lined up in rows like that. Which makes me wonder if maybe I should go into “oboe reed art” rather than oboe playing.



  1. I’ve never in my life had that many working (or almost-working) reeds lying around at the same time. Is that bad?? I’ve been trying to increase my output, but rushing the process just makes me fail more frequently.

  2. I think bassoonists might hang on to reeds a lot longer than we oboists do, so some of hers might be quite old. I usually have a round 30 or 35 reeds, but I usually wouldn’t be caught dead playing on all but maybe 3 or 4. Go figure!

  3. Well, I *thought* I had a lot of old reeds hanging around till I saw hers. I can’t imagine having that many reeds that would actually play.

    On the other hand, I’m lucky to have a bassoon that will play that solo without a whole lot of fuss, on most any reed (but maybe I’m not picky enough when it comes to the sound of the reed?).

    Now that I’ve said that, of course, I can anticipate nothing but trouble in January when I play it in Oakland!

  4. I’m sure you will do your typical stellar job. NO DOUBT in my mind, dk! 🙂