09. November 2011 · Comments Off on Interesting Instruments … Interesting Take On Carmen, Too! · Categories: Opera, Videos

If you go here you can read Michael Leopold’s blog entry about the three instruments he plays during Xerxes.

I went looking for videos of him playing. The first thing I ran across is a fun listen (includes talking as well) …

(And gee, I sure hope I get to Italy before I die … just sayin’.)

I think about this older music and how it moves me. I don’t find as much contemporary music that moves me emotionally, but I wonder if music being composed today will move people several hundred (or more) years from now. Perhaps it’s the aging that makes it so? Dunno!

I’ll continue to look for more early music that Mr. Leopold is playing, but first have a look-see-&-listen to this, because, after all, next week we go to Carmen with San Francisco Opera. It’s the “True Story of Carmen” … hysterical!

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