I believe Opera Tattler (Charlise Tiee) was the first to get something up on the double bill. I spoke with her and Not For Fun Only‘s (link is to the double bill) Axel Feldheim during the first intermission. I love seeing blogging friends when I’m at work. Of course it also makes me rather nervous!

The Mercury News review (Richard Scheinin) is up and you can read it here. There’s no mention of the orchestra. Sometimes this is due to an editor’s cut. Sometimes reviewers don’t mention us because they have nothing good to say. Sometimes we simply aren’t mentioned. I’m okay with it, assuming what is on the stage takes precedence, but some of my colleagues get extremely frustrated.

You might wonder: do I have opinions on our performance? You bet! Will I share with you? You bet not! 🙂


  1. Yeah, what’s an opera without an orchestra?

    Not much.

    The orchestra should ALWAYS be mentioned in reviews.

  2. That Opera Tattler always get her posts up first, which is quite annoying. It was great to hear you play & be able to say hello! Yes, it’s true that opera orchestras are under-appreciated.

  3. Hah! Get yours up first … blog while AT the performance! 😉

    I guess I’m just not all that sensitive about not getting mentioned. I’m rather surprised at myself, really, because I have a tendency to be annoyingly sensitive! Hmm. Maybe it’s just relief that I’m not being bashed in a review or something.

  4. I always try to say something about the orchestra because I played in one for half my childhood. Perhaps that’s just not the case for others? It really makes me mad when people talk during the overtures, because often the orchestra is my favorite part of an opera performance.

  5. It would be interesting to poll reviewers to see if those that mention the orchestra are ones that play, or played, an instrument, OT! I wonder ….

    I think what frustrates many of us more than anything else is when the conductor gets a rave review, making it seem as if he or she is the only one in the pit! Ah well, I do this job because I love it and getting in a review is not a good reason to do it. (In my little opinion, of course!)