But STILL … did I have to get a cold now? Just before Thanksgiving, and right when I have opera overlapping with UCSC concerts?

Ah well. I have one, and I have to deal.

Playing oboe with a cold is not terribly fun.

Playing oboe when it’s cold is also not terribly fun. The reed I planned on using for Pagliacci, and which DID manage to allow me to play my one troubling little lick toward the very start of the work (whew!) suddenly stopped working. Just. Stopped. (Sorry, dk, to leave you all alone in that little ditty!) I quickly switched reeds, and later looked at the one I had favored. I think it’s cracked. That happens sometimes when we have this crazy cold weather. Ah well … one must always have more than one reed. Right?

Guess I’ll sit around tomorrow working on reeds as I cope with this rotten cold. Time for my Throat Coat tea, too. I WILL get over this. Quickly.

Because I say so.

And I’m the mom.

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Here’s what I’ve found so far … some aren’t really detailed reviews, but I’ll put up anything I find. Check ’em out!

Eventseekr (Lucia Chung)
Examiner.com (Beeri Moalem)
Mercury News (Richard Scheinin)
Not For Fun Only (Axel Feldheim)
Opera Tattler (Charlise Tiee)
Operaville (Michael J Vaughn)
San Francisco Chronicle (Joshua Kosman)
SanJose.com (Scott MacClelland)
Spartan Daily Anastasia Crosson
Splash (Philip Hodge)
The Stunning Post (Bet Messmer)

Please let me know if I’m missing any!

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… for this:

and this:

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My gogurt asked, true or false? Squidward plays the oboe. FALSE! He plays the clarinet thank u! I take pride in knowing my spongebob facts!

… I’ve been doing a daily walk whenever possible. So far that amounts to five days a week most of the time. I’m walking at least two miles (usually more) and I’m managing a 15 minute mile. I’m hopeful that this is becoming a habit, and it helps to be using iMapMyWalk. This area has so much to see, and so many routes to take, I’ve yet to take the same route twice. As I walk I take photos of anything that catches my eye. Mostly that means flowers and doors, as both do interest me (for different reasons).

Due to my walks, and my somewhat busier schedule these days (it’s a rare day when I have no work at all), I’ve blogged less and less, and mostly what you see here are my regularly schedule posts that are rather impersonal. I’m sorry about that! But hey, the walks are good for health. I’m hoping they are also good for my brain: as I walk I try to identify each flower I see. For some I don’t remember the name until I’m more than a block away. I hate that my brain forgets things so easily, but I’m thankful that I eventually come up with the name. Agapanthus. Hibiscus. Impatiens. Cyclamen. And of course your easy to identify rose (but SUCH a number of roses!). More and more … ya gotta love the variety!

Just to show you some of what I’ve seen on my walks:


Morning Glories:


Flowering Maple:

Anyone know what this is?:

Michelangelo Falvetti has now caught my attention!

Noé : Fernando Guimarães, ténor
Rad : Mariana Flores, soprano
La Justice divine : Evelyn Ramirez, contre-alto
La Mort : Fabián Schofrin, contre-ténor
L’eau : Magali Arnault, soprano
Dieu : Matteo Bellotto, basse
La Nature humaine : Caroline Weynants soprano
La Cappella Mediterranea
Chœur de chambre de Namur
Leonardo García Alarcón, direction

Part One:

Part Two:

… and there are more! What a treat to find this!

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Yes … “and given them beer before we start.”

Hmmm. Can you imagine if we were all given beer before we got to work? Sure wouldn’t work for me.

“We’re artists. We go in the front.” 😎

That was part one of a movie called “Eroica”. When it finishes you should see an option to click on part two.

Can you imagine having an orchestra in your house, playing for just you and yours? I’d be okay with that.

The orchestra used was the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique, conducted by John Elliot Gardiner.

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Aw! “in my opinion oboe lessons are the best” #win