The third to last opera is over ‘n out. During the quieter, more sensitive sections I managed to not cough. Only during the second act of Pagliacci did the cough suddenly decide to appear. It was quite awful, really, but it was during the louder sections when I wasn’t missed. Whew!

During the second intermission I met a blog reader. He’s a flutist and studies with a colleague of mine in Symphony Silicon Valley. So to that reader: What fun to meet you … so do drop me a line! And I apologize for not coming up to actually shake your hand, but you wouldn’t want to get near me at this point, what with my cold and all! I’m sorry, too, that I didn’t even really communicate with your friend. Where did my manners go? Ack! I blame the oboe. Or the reed. Or something like that.

Until Friday I pretty much put the oboe away and start preparing our Thanksgiving meal. (Well, I DO have one student tomorrow, which I do look forward to!) For our feast we will have vegan friendly food, vegetarian friendly food, and the traditional fixings as well. As I told a friend, we are “all food-faiths friendly”. 😉

I’m so looking forward to family and friends on Thursday!


  1. Hi!

    I’m so sorry for creeping on you during intermission like that xD My friend and I couldn’t help ourselves; we love talking to professional musicians, and I couldn’t pass the chance to talk to the writer of this blog! Both of us are in CYS and we obsess over anything music-related together all the time.

    Oh don’t worry about my friend, she doesn’t mind. Her name is Clara and she studies viola with Janet Sims. 😀

    We really enjoyed the opera; the orchestra is amazing!

  2. Oh PLEASE don’t apologize! I absolutely love meeting musicians and I love meeting readers of the blog and had my brain been working better I’d have come up and we could have yakked more. Isabelle also loves talking to flutists! So next time let’s yak, okay?

    You have a good obsession! Can’t argue with a music obsession! 🙂