I finished up with the Symphony Silicon Valley concerts last night. It was quite the busy week, having a “Concital”, two regular symphony sets, and a Chinese oratorio concert (“Ode to the Big Wind” or “Song of the Big Wind” … I’m not sure which is right as I’ve seen it both ways). I have yet to figure out exactly what the Chinese choral concert was about, but it was fun to play, and I had a nice grieving sort of solo in one movement. I love to grieve and whine and all that ….

For me, though, the highlight was Jon Nakamatsu. That man! He’s just such a wonderful musician. And a nice guy. The way he plays astounds me. He is not showy. He doesn’t go for the glitz. He plays with refinement and beauty. There was a chord at the end of one encore that was so incredible and I wonder at how he can manage to get different timbres from the piano. He seems to have a magic touch, but of course we all know it’s more about hard work and talent than it is about magic. What a joy to hear him play.

Now of course I have to whine a wee bit … WHY OH WHY do people leave their phones on ring? Sure enough, at the end of the first encore yesterday someone’s phone went off. (But hey, maybe that’s why he blessed us with a second encore?) But I won’t harp on this for too long. It is what it is. There will always, I suppose, be phones going off now and then. I guess we have to learn to deal. (Grumble, grumble, sigh.)

I am going to post some photos here of the weekend’s work; I realized that rarely do audience members get to see what our backstage looks like, or what we see from where we sit. Sadly I can’t put the ones up that I was most happy with, including photos of some of the Chinese instruments that were played, and the costumes worn by some of the singers. I’m so frustrated: I downloaded all my photos into iPhoto, and they proceeded to get corrupted or disappear all together. I’m still attempting to get them back, but I’m not sure it will be possible. Still, here are a few of our lovely backstage and my view from the stage.

And looking up …

… and now I have ten full days with no rehearsals or performances. What will I do with myself?

Oh … yeah:
Clean the house
Work on reeds
Teach students
Catch up on errands
Cook a real dinner (much as I dislike doing so!)

And maybe I’ll finally figure out where the photos are that I lost. I think some of them would have been quite nice. Sigh.


  1. Was this the same Chinese chorus that we performed with on 9/11? THAT concert was a trip-and-a-half!

  2. Gee, I don’t know, Cameron. This was the “A# chorus”. The conductor was quite enjoyable.