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People who read this blog probably already know I’m rather obsessive compulsive. Thus, the daily “QODS” here (aside from Sundays) and, excluding the month of December, the daily scheduled things like ACappelaTuesday™ and WorldReeds™. It should come as no surprise, then, that I’m equally obsessive when it comes to work. If I’ve been hired to do a new opera you can bet I’ve googled the composer and the work. If I’m working with musicians who are new to me I google them as well. (Sorry, everyone, I am not a stalker … just insane in other ways!)

I don’t really understand going into something not knowing anything about a work. I like to know the background. I like to know the story and the music … to wrap my ears and brain around the “all of it” whenever possible. In this case I already knew the sweet story, but had never heard the opera. Thus, finding these YouTube videos was handy. I also borrowed a copy of the CD that Ensemble Parallele did, many thanks to Nicole Paiement. (I would have purchased it, but I couldn’t manage to find an available copy.) I listen to the CD while following my part so I know where the solos are, as they aren’t always marked. I just don’t like those kinds of surprises!

I realize some people like to go into things without any knowledge of the work. I’ve heard some say they don’t want to lose their own “voice” by hearing someone else. I don’t go for that. I’m still who I am, and I’ll still play the way I play. To each her own, yes?

I didn’t want to put anything up here before we began this opera, mostly so I didn’t drive you all crazy and partly because I was unsure about how I would deal with this new adventure and I’m wimpy that way. But now that it’s begun, and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing, I’ll put up a few videos you can see and hear from another production. (No, I won’t be sending you on visits to other musician’s blogs … unless they ask me to put them up here, and since I doubt any of them read this silly blog ‘o mine I am guessing that won’t happen). These are from the composer’s YouTube page.

Music by David Conte
Libretto by Nicholas Giardini
Marnie Breckenridge; soprano
Andrew Garland; baritone
Trinity Lyric Opera; John Kendall Bailey, conductor

Opening scene: Jim and Della:

The mezzo-soprano, Lisa van der Ploeg, is singing the role in our production as well:

Della’s Aria:

Jim’s soliloquy:

Final scene:

But hey … if you are in the area just come to the opera! Honestly, the venue is fabulous, the music is lovely, and the singers sound beautiful.

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